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Providing Innovative Solutions for the Global Real Estate Industry Since 1987


Real Estate Due Diligence
Minimize risk by investigating a property’s condition prior to signing a contract or agreement.

Health and
Maintain a good safety record with a workplace free from recognized health and safety hazards with regulatory compliance services.

Environmental Compliance
Meet all regulations that pertain to a business or industrial facility with compliance audits and corrective design.

Gain greater control of utility expenses and reduce financial risk in an unpredictable energy market.

A Leader in Facility and Environmental Consulting
About Nova
Nova Consulting Group, Inc. (Nova) is an international real estate environmental consulting firm providing innovative environmental and engineering services in the areas of risk assessment, investigation, management, compliance and corrective action activities. Incorporated in Minnesota in 1987, Nova has proudly become one of the largest privately held environmental consulting firms, and currently provides services throughout North America and globally. This pride shows through in a company-wide commitment to service excellence. Satisfied clients nationwide have supported Nova’s sustained growth, with over 12,000 projects completed annually.
Since 1987, we have provided services to the following markets:
Multi-National Corporations
Insurance Industry
Financial Institutions
Educational Facilities
Health Care Providers
Real Estate Developers
Property Management Companies
Manufacturing Facilities
Oil & Gas Industry
Engineers, Architects and Construction Contractors
Law Firms
Government Agencies
Our Approach
Our projects are specifically tailored to the unique needs of our clients, exceeding their expectations through our unwavering dedication to service and results. We have a proven record of being dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing innovative and cost effective real estate environmental consulting and testing services.
An International Service
Nova proudly staffs offices throughout the globe with corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nova’s numerous offices span the continental United States, thereby providing services to an extensive list of satisfied clients including: industrial and commercial firms; lenders and financial institutions; real estate owners, managers, and developers; schools, hospitals, and other organizations; engineers, architects, and construction contractors; and attorneys, bankers, and government agencies.
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