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In order to help our clients determine the design wind load for a particular property, Nova has created a wind load map (see link to wind map). The map is based on the ASCE 7-05 Basic Wind Speed maps of the United States. Currently the ASCE 7-05 wind maps are adopted as part of most current building codes. A newer version of the map, ASCE 7-10, has not yet been adopted as part of the current building codes.

The colored areas of the map indicate special wind regions that would be designated by local jurisdictions. The wind loads outlined in this map designate a 3-second wind design load at 33 feet above ground. Islands and coastal areas outside of the last region use the last wind speed of the coastal area.

Nova does not use the FEMA wind map because it has been drawn by disaster conditions from the past. The zones evaluate risk as well as the average number of tornadoes in a given area.

Just enter your name and e-mail address for free access to the Wind Zone Map.

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