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Water Management

Nova provides water management guidance to clients including both stormwater and wastewater discharges.


Many industrial facilities throughout the country hold individual or general National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for stormwater discharge associated with industrial activity or are required to obtain construction stormwater permits. Nova personnel have assisted numerous clients with stormwater management including:

Completion of Notice of Intent documents to obtain coverage under the proper permit sector (determined by SIC/NAICS)
Development of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
Assistance with implementation and updating of SWPPPs including personnel and inspection training
Preparation of Construction SWPPPs and Erosion Control Plans
Stormwater runoff inspections and sampling
Evaluation and implementation of stormwater controls and best management practices (BMPs)
Development of proper data collection and recordkeeping practices
Preparation of Annual Reports


With the assistance of Nova’s expertise and background, our clients reduce the potential for non-compliant stormwater discharges and streamline their stormwater permit management efforts.



Wastewater discharges to sanitary sewer systems, or Publically Owned Treatment Works (POTWs), for industrial users discharging nondomestic wastewater are commonly regulated under POTW discharge permits. In addition, some types of facilities are further regulated under Categorical Pretreatment Standards depending on the activities conducted. Nova assists clients with management of their wastewater discharge permit requirements to ensure compliance with these local and federal regulations including:

Completion of POTW permit applications and permit renewal negotiations
Discharge treatment system development and ongoing management
Discharge sample collector installations and sample collection
Development of proper data collection and recordkeeping practices
Preparation of Annual Reports


Nova’s expertise and background provides our clients with more manageable permit conditions, reduced system downtime and upsets, more cost effective and compliant sample collection methods, and an overall reduced management effort along with an increase in POTW discharge permit compliance.


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