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Waste Management

Nova provides waste management guidance to clients for the full range of waste streams including hazardous waste, universal waste and special or industrial wastes. Proper waste management provides almost every business with an opportunity to reduce operating costs through proactive waste minimization and source reduction efforts to reduce the volume or toxicity of their generated wastes. Proper waste stream management and disposal also reduces the potential for exposure to employees and may reduce future corporate liabilities. Nova’s services that assist clients with management of their waste streams to ensure regulatory compliance and minimize costs include:

Assistance with Waste Stream Characterization, Classification, Proper Profiling and Manifest Management
Waste Accumulation Area and Container Management Compliance
Preparation and Implementation of Emergency Contingency Plans
Development of Waste Tracking and Reporting Tools
Waste Disposal Vendor Selection, Management and Auditing
Waste Stream Minimization and Source Reduction Plans and Reporting
Pollution Prevention Plans and Reporting


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