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SPCC Plan and Facility Response Plan Development

Nova personnel have extensive experience in the development and implementation of Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans and Facility Response Plans (FRP).

SPCC Plans are required for many facilities across the country which exceed the threshold volume for aboveground or underground oil storage and FRPs are required for larger oil storage facilities that have the potential to create substantial harm to the environment. Nova personnel provide extensive experience and insight, gained through years of regulatory interaction and plan development, into the requirements, implementation and management of these plans. Nova ensures that the plans are compliant with the regulatory requirements, accurate and applicable to the facility and that the required training, inspections and drills both fulfill the regulations and also provides value to our clients. Nova also assists our clients with the development of practices to ensure the plans are updated in accordance with ongoing facility changes and regulatory requirements.

Nova also develops SPCC and FRPs to ensure compliance with other overlapping regulations, such as state emergency preparedness and spill response regulations and U.S. Coast Guard regulations. This provides a plan that fulfills all applicable requirements, reduces redundancy and decreases the number of plans that need to be maintained. Nova personnel have developed these plans in the “stand alone” format and also in the Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP) or “One Plan” format.

In addition, these plans can be hosted through a web based format and therefore easily updated and also accessible by multiple parties from multiple locations. Based on the unique needs of each client, Nova can help determine the proper format.

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