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In order to help our clients determine if a seismic evaluation is required for a particular property, Nova has created a seismic map (see link to seismic maps).  The map is based on the USGS Seismic Zone Map of the United States.  Typically, properties that fall within the seismic map zones 3 and 4 require a seismic evaluation to determine if seismic insurance is required.

Currently the ASTM subcommittee E06.25 WK 41335 is charged with updating the standard.  It has completed its proposed revisions and will be putting the revisions up for a vote this summer.  The subcommittee’s goal is to have a new standard in place by the 4th quarter of 2015.  The much-anticipated new standard will have several significant changes, which the board is not ready to reveal until the vote has been cast and the new standard has been agreed too. Nova talked to the technical committee member David McCormick, who informed us that the main change to the standard will impact who can perform the on-site inspection. The proposed change will require that the on-site inspector meet the qualifications listed within the standard. This change is being proposed to elevate the quality of the assessments.

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