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Remedial Investigation and Corrective Design

Nova designs and implements remedial investigations (RI) and corrective action design (CAD) programs for a wide variety of sites.  The RI determines the nature, extent, and magnitude of the contamination.  The CAD provides an action plan for necessary cleanup.  The RI/CAD also addresses protection of public health and the environment.

Consistent with the RI/CAD process, Nova personnel develop a detailed feasibility study analysis to establish mitigation solutions that are feasible, implementable, and cost effective.  The majority of our projects have been completed in response to mandates from regulatory agencies acting under authority of CERCLA, RCRA and various other state and local programs.


Nova's Expertise

Nova has performed numerous remedial investigations to address soil and groundwater contamination as well as vapor intrusion involving a wide variety of chemical constituents including:

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), organic solvents
  • Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), pesticides
  • Petroleum hydrocarbon products and metals
  • Agricultural chemical investigation and clean up


Nova has experience in the design and implementation of a wide array of corrective action technologies and methods including vapor barriers, risk assessment, natural attenuation, thermal treatment, soil excavation, land spreading, incineration, groundwater pumping and treating, soil-vapor extraction, air sparging, contaminant plume control, chemical oxidation and bio-remediation alternatives.


Contamination Delineation
Feasibility Study
Risk Assessment and Management
Remedial Investigation
Corrective Action Design and Implementation
Acquifer Testing


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