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Phase II Subsurface Investigations

Upon identifying environmental concerns related to on-site and off-site activities at a given property, Nova will often recommend a subsurface investigation to further evaluate the effect of the environmental concerns identified to subsurface soil, soil vapor and/or groundwater and any resulting risks to human health or the environment.  All investigations are implemented in accordance with applicable local regulatory requirements.

Nova's Expertise

Nova’s technical staff includes On-Site, Project Managers, Professional Geologists and Engineers, with extensive experience in performing real estate due diligence and site re-development investigations.

This information is then compiled into a report which summarizes the findings and outlines recommendations with regard to items of environmental interest or concern.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is always a concern, so Nova prepares a Site Health and Safety Plan (SHSP) prior to conducting a subsurface investigation.  The SHSP identifies health and safety risks and sets up in advance any emergency procedures and response protocols that may be necessary.

NCG Drilling

Nova Consulting Group, Inc. (NCG Drilling) has provided subsurface soil, soil vapor and groundwater sampling services to its clients on more than 500 project sites using hydraulic direct-push probing/drilling applications. Nova employs the use of a track-mounted 6620 Geoprobe® and a truck-mounted 5400 Geoprobe® utilizing Macro-Core, dual tube and auger drilling technologies.  Nova’s equipment is used for sampling of soil and groundwater, groundwater monitoring well installations, vapor point installations and sampling, sub-slab permanent vapor point installations, and pilot tests.  Nova’s track-mounted unit offers unique capabilities including specialized maneuverability in areas with limited access or available space where conventional equipment would not be able to operate.

Subsurface Drilling/Probing
Soil, Soil Vapor and Groundwater Sampling
Groundwater Monitoring Well Installations
Ground Water Modeling
Remedial Investigation
Regulatory Compliance Reporting
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