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Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Operations and maintenance manuals are often an overlooked step in the retrofit and new construction process.

Operations and maintenance training is often developed as part of a broader energy efficiency effort at a building. A site operations and maintenance manual is a custom manual developed by our professionals to document the most efficient means of operating the site’s mechanical systems. In many cases, we have seen building operating efficiency eroded by uninformed operations procedures. This has led us to offer building operations and maintenance manuals. This includes operating diagrams and instructions described in lay terms for your operators.

The Benefits of Operations and Maintenance Manuals

In addition to educating current site operators, another substantial advantage of the building operations and maintenance manuals is institutionalizing site knowledge. This lessens the impact of staff turnover on energy efficiency and is available at any time to staff or service providers. This product is delivered as a hard copy and electronically in Adobe PDF® format on CD. We also offer to make this available as a web-based resource for your building operators and asset managers.

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