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Measurement and Verification

Measurement and Verification provides proof of the effectiveness of energy management. Measurement and verification of utility consumption assists the building owner in evaluating the long-term energy performance of the property. More importantly,  measurement and verification is key in identifying problems with mechanical systems performance or resident behaviors that are negatively impacting energy performance.


The Benefits of Measurement and Verification
Increase energy savings
Document financial transactions for ESCOs and state or federal incentives
Improve design, operations and maintenance of a facility
Account for variances from expected energy use


Measurement and Verification can be used for the following examples
  1. To assess the performance of a single retrofit
  2. To assess a facility’s total energy use
  3. To determine how a newly constructed building is tracking relative to projected performance


Nova's Role

Each month, Nova acquires the utility bills for each meter at each site, normalizes the data for weather and other factors, and evaluates the property’s energy performance against a baseline. The results are reported to ownership on a quarterly basis.

Our measurement and verification services comply with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP EVO 10000-1:2012). We have  a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional -IT (CMVP-IT) on staff.  The M&V process is best started prior to the retrofit period but can be done at any time.


Utility Monitoring

By tracking the utility expenses monthly or quarterly, any fluctuations in energy consumption can be quickly identified.  Catching water leaks early or discrepancies with your utility budget can account for real savings in a short period of time.  We can determine if a previously implemented retrofit to the building is working. Likewise, in a new construction building that was designed with an energy model, we can understand how the building is tracking relative to projected performance.

If Nova catches something unexpected in the utility trending we will immediately bring it to our clients’ attention and will likely have a solution.


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