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Indoor Air Quality

Nova has significant experience in performing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) evaluations, monitoring IAQ remediation projects, developing corrective engineering procedures, employee training, and performing periodic audits.  Sampling and testing can be performed to measure exposure to airborne microbiological contaminants, chemical hazards, or excessive noise or heat.  Evaluations may also entail an analysis of building operations to develop strategies to control air quality, including ventilation systems, modifications to processes and products.

Nova's Expertise

Nova has significant experience in performing IAQ investigations for commercial and residential facilities, microbial abatement monitoring, corrective engineering, employee training, and periodic audits.  A combination of sampling techniques, recommended by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), is utilized in all IAQ investigations performed.

Nova’s projects often address regulatory and liability concerns of the employers/home owner, and respond to employee/resident questions or complaints.  Typical IAQ investigations will require a site walk through to identify indoor conditions, which may lead to symptoms of allergies, illness, and/or general discomfort.  Sampling and testing will be performed to measure bioaerosols (aeroallergens and/or bacteria) present in the air and building materials via culturing and non-culturing analytical techniques.  The IAQ investigation will also include the inspection of and sampling of the HVAC system(s) and associated ducting.  Expert witness testimony and advisory services are provided to clients involved in health related claims.

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