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HVAC Commissioning

HVAC Commissioning is the methodical and documented process of evaluating and testing building mechanical systems to ensure that the systems are functioning as intended, in accordance with the owner’s operational needs and with as much energy efficiency as possible.

The Benefits of HVAC Commissioning
Lower energy consumption
Increased occupant comfort
Lower maintenance costs
Decreased liability
More effective risk management


Verifies energy-related design intent
Tests equipment operation and sequencing
For operators, may include custom operations & maintenance manuals
Risk Management
Enhances safety and risk management for owners and tenants

Commissioning agents are trained to catch  over-sized equipment, mis-sized valves/dampers and chillers, unnecessary components, low-quality or clogged filters, and construction debris blocking ventilation. We also look at overridden/stuck VFDs or economizers, specified equipment not installed, improper set points or control sequences, circuitous duct or piping runs, and bad or inaccurate sensors.