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Energy Due Diligence

Energy Due Diligence conducted on a potential acquisition includes a thorough assessment of current energy use, utility structure, fuel and utility types. It also involves assessments of major energy-consuming systems and Federal, State and Utility based incentive, rebates grants and tax credits associated with any recommended energy improvements.

Energy due diligence on potential acquisitions answers the following questions:

How much energy is the property currently using?
How is it being used?
What is the financial impact of that energy use?
What is the most cost effective means to reduce utility costs, what are the potential funding sources?
Finally, how much value will this retrofit effort drive into the property?


Through energy benchmarking, energy auditing, energy modeling, retro-commissioning and energy incentive program analysis Nova provides comprehensive energy due diligence.  We identify for owners, developers, asset managers and  lenders what cash flow upside potential or expenses are impacted by a building’s energy performance.  We then develop a comprehensive plan including cost estimates to increase cash flow through utility cost reduction.

Historically, due diligence has not focused on energy costs because these costs were relatively minor part of the overall operating budgets. Times have changed, and due diligence on energy costs are essential to a fundamentally sound real estate deal.


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