International Division Update

Nova’s commitment to helping clients understand variations in local markets can be seen in an uptick in overseas work by U.S. clients in the U.K., the Netherlands, and Australia. We’ve recently undertaken assessment for a number of construction loans and redevelopment/refurbishment plans in these markets. Our focus in these projects is to understand the scope of refurbishment, how the plan fits into the local market, and what local costs will be, as well as to check that any required maintenance issues, such ... Read more

Did You Know? Coal Ash Ponds Found to Leak Toxic Materials

The environmentally detrimental effects of coal ash are not new; however, recent studies are shedding further light on the impact of unlined coal ash ponds to the environment. You should make sure that your consultant is doing their historical due diligence and checking that these types of facilities aren't near your property. Nova's ESA Group National Practice Leader reviews a recent article on the subject. Studies by Duke University at 21 power plants in five southeastern US states have shown toxic heavy ... Read more

A UK “Brexit” and the Commercial Real Estate Market

You’ve likely recently heard the term “Brexit”—in the news, on the radio, in conversation—but do you know what it is? In short, on June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom is holding a referendum to determine if there should be a British exit (nicknamed “Brexit”) from the European Union. If adopted, the UK would leave the 28-member coalition government in Brussels, in favor of more economic and political autonomy. This is a highly controversial move, akin to Texas voting to leave the US, ... Read more