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Tips to Prepare, Plan, and Prevent Disasters

Tips to Prepare, Plan for, and Prevent Disasters Hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can lead not only to loss of life but also to devastating property damage. Planning and preparing for these events mitigates risk and makes the recovery process smoother if disaster does strike. While it is human nature to procrastinate or to focus on immediate, day-to-day needs rather than an event that may never occur, recent hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters offer a valuable lesson to commercial property ... Read more

Recent Natural Disasters Show Need for Preparation & A Plan

While it is human nature to procrastinate and focus on immediate, day to day needs over preparing for an event that may never occur, recent hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters offer a valuable lesson to commercial property owners, lenders, and investors: It is critical to consider the “what ifs” at your property and to prepare and plan accordingly. Gary Ganson, Nova Consulting’s National Practice Leader/Director of Industrial Hygiene Services, has worked in the Occupational Health field for nearly 40 years. He has ... Read more

New Challenges to Addressing Marijuana and the Workplace

New Challenges to Addressing Marijuana and the Workplace While most companies have a drug policy that restricts the use of recognized illegal narcotics, alcohol, and some prescription drugs, as more U.S. states legalize recreational and medical marijuana, there are new complications facing safety and HR managers. Simply put, the new marijuana drug laws, as well as OSHA’s position on post-incident drug testing, have made managing drug use in or on offices, plants, project sites, and transportation more difficult. First and foremost, we must ... Read more

Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Construction Workplace

Construction sites have a lot of equipment moving around, elevated work platforms, electrical installations, high-voltage systems, and often require heavy lifting. They can be dangerous places, but that doesn’t have to mean injury or illness. Slips, trips, falls, electrical shocks or burns, and blows from heavy or sharp objects can all be prevented with a strong workplace safety and health program. The effectiveness of a company in preventing injury and illness depends on the ability of employees to recognize both high-risk ... Read more

Hearing Loss Continues Despite Prevention Efforts

Hearing protection should happen off the job as well as on the job Despite efforts by industrial companies to protect workers against hearing loss, agencies that collect data on occupational hearing protection are seeing a continuing rise in the number of people sustaining hearing loss—and at a much younger age. The problem is not just amplitude (how loud) but also frequency (how often). When the Walkman portable audio cassette player was introduced by Sony in the mid-1980s, I was working with a plant ... Read more

Responsible Safety and Health Management: Criminal charges filed against companies for fatalities

Those of us that read news stories regarding worker health and safety have seen recent legal actions targeting the levy of felony charges to prosecute management personnel, including safety managers, for a failure to protect the life of one of their employees.    As safety and health professionals we try to provide the tools and resources, including effective education, for the welfare of our employees. This includes a team approach that reduces, through design and prevention, injuries or illness that can lead ... Read more

Industrial Hygiene Compliance Resources for Small Businesses

As an industrial hygienist, I am often asked to evaluate a company’s health and safety program and to help the company ensure that it complies with all applicable OSHA regulations. But hiring a consultant can be an expensive proposition for a small business, especially one that has just launched. If you’re busy raising start-up capital, investing in expensive drilling equipment, hiring personnel, obtaining licensing, and dealing with insurance and all the other costs involved today in starting your own business, hiring ... Read more

What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Workplace from Ebola

Executive Summary Ebola Virus Disease (EVD or Ebola) is a rare and still misunderstood disease that currently has the attention of the world.   The first known outbreaks occurred back in 1976 in central Africa and those outbreaks, while devastating, were contained and isolated events.   We are now seeing the enormity of how infectious and deadly Ebola can be when allowed to remain unchecked.   The disturbing events that have occurred in the western countries of Africa and now in the United States are ... Read more