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Building Operator Training

Building operator training gives your site maintenance and operations staff the tools they need to operate your investment as cost effectively as possible.

Conducted at your site and on your equipment, building operator training educates maintenance staff to operate your equipment in a safe, energy efficient manner. This education is customized to the equipment in operation at each site, to the skills and concerns of your maintenance staff, and in accordance with your goals as an investor. We often conduct this training as part of a comprehensive strategic energy management plan.

We have often found misalignment between the goals of the property investor and the site operations staff. On the “front lines” of your operation, facilities staff are required to respond to occupant safety and comfort concerns on an immediate basis, sometimes going from “fire to fire.” This leaves little time to evaluate the impact of maintenance activity on utility costs.

By providing your building staff with a site-specific building operator training, we can develop action plans to minimize expensive contractor service calls. We recommend conducting this training in concert with developing operations and maintenance manuals in order to ensure this information is well documented in the event of turnover in your maintenance staff.


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