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Building Energy Modeling

Modeling Software
Using a variety of industry standard software tools such as DOE eQuest and PSD’s TREAT®Multifamily and proprietary processes, Nova models the energy performance of existing buildings and those to be built. Building energy modeling is an important tool for developers and investors, enabling them to understand the energy implications of a wide variety of variables including but not limited to wall assemblies, building orientation, or mechanical systems.

Nova updates  building energy modeling on an annual basis for asset managers to accurately reflect current conditions in energy pricing or to account for physical changes to the building. As an asset management tool, this enables managers to continuously monitor and assess the building’s  performance and cost effectiveness of energy improvements for annual capital  reserve and operational  budgeting.

Our investment grade energy auditing includes this as a standard component of the comprehensive report, and as such, the building energy modeling files are owned by our clients. We retain these data files for continuous re-assessment of building energy performance.


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