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Air Emission Permitting

Nova professionals provide air emission permitting support to a wide range of clients to ensure sustainable compliance with increasingly complex local, state and federal regulations. Nova professionals have experience permitting numerous types of industries including pulp and paper, oil and gas, painting and coating, food processing and general manufacturing.

Nova designs air permit applications with the goal of allowing the permit to be issued with maximum operational flexibility, but without imposing additional regulatory requirements. Based on an evaluation of the emissions and applicable regulatory thresholds, along with close coordination to understand our client’s business goals, Nova develops a strategic permitting approach. This provides our clients with an increased ability to change facility operations to quickly respond to market demands without regulatory agency interaction. Air emission related services provided by Nova include:

Federal Title V (Part 70) and State (FESOP) Permitting
State Registration and Permit by Rule Permitting
Air Emission Inventory Reporting
Compliance Certification and Monitoring Reporting
Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Reporting
Permit Compliance Management and Compliance Tracking Tool Development


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