Red Flags That Can Impact Your Real Estate Deal

Nova works directly with banks and real estate investors to provide Environmental Site Assessments, Property Condition Assessments, and Seismic Reports that meet their needs during an acquisition or sale or to satisfy agency regulations. It is our goal to provide our clients with a dedicated deal team that works closely with all parties to help the due diligence process go smoothly. However, properties have a history, and it is our job to uncover that history so that there are no (expensive) ... Read more

Hearing Loss Continues Despite Prevention Efforts

Hearing protection should happen off the job as well as on the job Despite efforts by industrial companies to protect workers against hearing loss, agencies that collect data on occupational hearing protection are seeing a continuing rise in the number of people sustaining hearing loss—and at a much younger age. The problem is not just amplitude (how loud) but also frequency (how often). When the Walkman portable audio cassette player was introduced by Sony in the mid-1980s, I was working with a plant ... Read more

The Benefits of Building Operator Manuals and Training

For Nova’s Energy Efficiency Division, experience has shown that thorough documentation and staff training on new HVAC equipment is critical to achieving and maintaining savings. We strongly recommend this service to owners of new major equipment systems. A major non-profit owner/operator of affordable multifamily housing commissioned through Nova the installation of 13 new boilers and associated controls and distribution. Following the site investigation and corrective action phase, the owner engaged Nova to create a building operator manual. The manual details critical operational ... Read more

New Freddie Mac PCR Requirements Released

In Nova’s March newsletter, Greg Murphy, Vice President of Nova’s Capital Markets Group, commented on the recent changes at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Since that time, the new Freddie Mac PCR requirements (Freddie Mac Multifamily Seller/Servicer Guide, Chapter 14) were released on April 30th, 2015.  Of significance are a new repair category, revisions to electrical system requirements, and a new Form 1105. These are further discussed below. New Priority Repair Category A new category of Priority Repair was introduced, PR-90.  Any Priority ... Read more

Nova Announces the Addition of a New Chief Operations Officer

Nova is pleased to announce the addition of Robert Hird to our senior leadership team as the new chief operations officer for the company. Robert has stepped into the role that was until recently held by Tom Warn.  Due to the growth and success of Nova’s equity markets support services, Tom has shifted his focus and leadership skills to the role as senior vice president of our Equity Markets Group.  Tom will be responsible for organizing and growing the equity line ... Read more

Wind Map Download

In order to help our clients determine the design wind load for a particular property, Nova has created a wind load map (see link to wind map). The map is based on the ASCE 7-05 Basic Wind Speed maps of the United States. Currently the ASCE 7-05 wind maps are adopted as part of most current building codes. A newer version of the map, ASCE 7-10, has not yet been adopted as part of the current building codes. The colored areas of ... Read more

Seismic Map Download

In order to help our clients determine if a seismic evaluation is required for a particular property, Nova has created a seismic map (see link to seismic maps).  The map is based on the USGS Seismic Zone Map of the United States.  Typically, properties that fall within the seismic map zones 3 and 4 require a seismic evaluation to determine if seismic insurance is required. Currently the ASTM subcommittee E06.25 WK 41335 is charged with updating the standard.  It has completed its ... Read more

Become a Partner of the Better Buildings Challenge!

More than 250 organizations have joined the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, representing 3.5 billion square feet of commercial and industrial real estate. This program offers technical support and recognition for organizations that commit to reducing energy consumed in their buildings by 20% or more over 10 years.  Better Buildings Challenge partners agree to: Conduct an assessment of the energy consumption of their portfolio Take Action by implementing a plan to reduce energy consumption Report results by reporting performance data and sharing best ... Read more

Environmental Compliance for Emergency Backup Electrical Generators

Emergency Backup Electrical Generators, especially when operated on diesel fuel, may be subject to multiple U.S. EPA, state, or local, agency environmental regulations.  These regulations have not been  communicated very well to the regulated community.  In fact, the company that provided or installed the equipment, or the company that conducts preventive maintenance checks or re-fueling, may not even be aware of these environmental compliance requirements.  This is in part due to the continuously emerging U.S. EPA state, and local, agency regulations ... Read more

New Members of the Nova Team

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